Just a little about me...ok, maybe more than a little...

My journey into photography began when I was a little girl in Mexico City.

I saw my grandfather’s photos in his office, although he wasn’t a photographer by profession, his photos were spectacular in my 7 year-old expert opinion.

I continued to fall in love with black and white prints when my mom took me to a museum in Mexico City. I didn’t know who the photographer was, nor does my mom now remember, but I do know I was utterly enchanted.

When I was 12, after many hints on my part, my mom bought me my first camera - a Kodak Ektra camera.

I took photos of everything I came across! I wish I still had that camera – it was so fun.

My passion continued in college, I majored in Graphic design with photography a significant part of my curriculum. The magic that happened in the darkroom is something that digital photography unfortunately cannot duplicate.

After college, while living in Miami, I worked as a banker and continued to explore photography on a part-time basis. I worked during the weekends with wedding photographers, an event promotions company, as well as my own clients.

Although I shot many exciting events, even some with celebrities, the greatest satisfaction came from working with my own clients - especially taking photos of children and mostly babies.

Capturing their smiles and joy continues to be one of my favorite types of photographic challenges!

In late 2009, my mom became very ill and I moved back to California to assist her and my step-dad. During that period, I experienced what I can only describe as a “photographic block” focusing my energy on family. Thankfully, within six months my mom made a miraculous recovery!

I got married in 2010 to the best partner I could ever have, and we were blessed with our son Alexander. Slowly the block vanished and so returned my passion for photography.
My sweet Alex is now the main inspiration of my photographic endeavors, I learn so much from him.

After facing the potential loss of my mom and now that I am a parent, I have a deeper understanding the joy that captured moments bring to people.

After another interesting twist to our lives we are now residing here in Calgary, AB. With the support and encouragement of my amazing husband and family, we have decided to dive into making this a very successful business!

As a photographer, I appreciate the abundant sunlight, the wide-open spaces, the grassy, rolling hills and the backdrops of city and mountains that Calgary offers. Although the weather isn't like Miami, Alberta is a majestic and gorgeous province.

My style of photography is photojournalistic and candid.
I love capturing unposed moments. I am meticulous in fashioning the best shots; whether it is for engagement photos, weddings, birthdays, corporate events, maternity, a new baby or family photos, they are all equally important and I give my all to each of my clients’ photographic needs.

After 10 years of working professionally, I feel truly blessed to love my job and to be part of my clients’ precious life moments.

When I was designing my logo, I went back to my roots. I chose the Aztec pictograph “K’in” which means sun.

The sun is what gives light and life to our world, making it possible to see color and beauty. And of course, photographers can’t live without it…even if we do have flash.

Thank you for reading about my journey and I look forward to helping capture part of yours!